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Products from Nestlé


Nestlé S.A. is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues.

Nestlé’s products include baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods, and snacks. Twenty-nine of Nestlé’s brands have annual sales of about US$1.1 billion including Nespresso, Nescafé, Kit Kat, Smarties, Nesquik, Stouffer’s, Vittel, and Maggi. 

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Nestle KitKat Chocolate Santa Claus
Nestlé KitKat - Chocolate Santa Claus 85g
The unique crispy fun for young and old. The crispy Kit Kat Santa Claus is a hollow figure of 93% smooth melting milk chocolate. 7% of crunchy cereal provide for the special extra. Ideal suited for giving away, decorating or hiding in...
Content 85 Gram ($57.53 * / 1000 Gram)
$4.89 *
Nestlé After Eight Chocolate Santa Claus
Nestlé After Eight - Chocolate Santa Claus 85g
The After Eight Santa Claus from dark peppermint chocolate for stylishly-minty moments of pleasure. In addition, the After Eight Santa Claus decoration enchants as any living room into a cozy Christmas room. In order to get Christmas...
Content 0.085 Kilogram ($57.53 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.89 *
Nestlé Choclait Chips Chocolated Crunchy Pretzels
Nestlé Choclait Chips Knusper Brezeln -...
With the "Nestlé Choclait Chips Chocolated Crunchy Pretzels", crispy, crunchy salted pretzels meet delicious milk chocolate and dark chocolate decorative strips. This unique sweet and salty combination makes the hearts of all chocolate...
Content 0.14 Kilogram ($35.64 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.99 *
Nestlé Choclait Chips Strawberry
Nestlé Choclait Chips - Strawberry Chocolate...
"Nestlé Choclait Chips Strawberry" are delicious, light crispy chips with a fruity strawberry flavor, covered with milk chocolate and refined with pink decorative stripes - together they make for an incomparable snack experience! Store...
Content 0.115 Kilogram ($43.39 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.99 *
Nestlé KitKat Zebra Dark & White
Nestlé KitKat Zebra - Dark & White Chocolate...
The new (and only available for a limited time) "Nestlé KitKat Zebra - Dark & White". As individual as the pattern of a zebra - as unmistakable in taste as the KitKat Original. The composition of strong dark and fine white chocolate...
Content 0.1245 Kilogram ($37.67 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.69 *
Nestlé Smarties Easter Bunny "Klapperhase"
Nestlé Smarties Klapperhase - Easter Bunny 85g
Hollow milk chocolate easter bunny filled with delicious Smarties (the European version of M&Ms). The Chocolate Easter Bunny is approx. 6.5" tall. Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 85g (3oz) Shipping Wt. 130g Attention: Heat sensitive!
Content 0.085 Kilogram ($35.18 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.99 * $5.19 *
Nestlé Nuts
Nestlé Nuts - Caramel Nut Candy Bar 5pcs. 150g
"Nestlé Nuts - Caramel Nut Candy Bar" is a delicious classic bar with a filling of hazelnuts and caramel, wrapped with crispy milk chocolate. Contains 5 bars each 30g (1.06oz) Store cool and dry. Net Wt. 150g (5.29oz) Shipping Wt. 180g...
Content 0.15 Kilogram ($31.93 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.79 *
Nestlé Choco Crossies - Cruncy Salted Caramel Flakes 140g
Nestlé Choco Crossies - Cruncy Salted Caramel...
Let it crisp! "Nestlé Choco Crossies - Cruncy Salted Caramel Flakes" are crispy flakes, salty crisp balls and crunchy caramel pieces wrapped in delicious milk chocolate, Crunchy caramel pieces and a touch of sea salt make this snack a...
Content 0.14 Kilogram ($34.93 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.89 *
Nestlé Rolo
Nestlé Rolo - Milk Chocolates With Soft Toffee...
"Nestlé Rolo" is fine toffee and delicious milk chocolate in a praline. Each praline has a soft toffee core that literally melts on the tongue. This makes every single "Nestlé Rolo" praline a sensational taste experience. Constains 4...
Content 0.1664 Kilogram ($26.38 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.39 *
Nestlé Milchmädchen
Nestlé Milchmädchen - Sweetened Condensed Milk...
The sweetened condensed milk "Nestlé Milchmädchen" is ideal for fine desserts, as a spread, for baking or for coffee. Store in a refrigerator after opening and use within three weeks. Net.Wt. 170g (6oz) Shipping Wt. 210g
Content 0.17 Kilogram ($27.00 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.59 *
Nestlé Nesquik
Nestlé Nesquik - Cocoa Cereal Bar 100g
With the crispy and chocolaty "Nestlé Nesquik Cocoa Cereal Bar", the delicious Nesquik breakfast cereals for the whole family are now available in a convenient 4-pack. The cereal bar consists of small Nesquik cereal balls made from whole...
Content 0.1 Kilogram ($39.90 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.99 *
Nestlé Lion Choco
Nestlé Lion Choco - Caramel Wafer Cereal Bar 5pcs
The classic "Nestlé Lion" offers the well-known and popular Lion flavor. Crunchy crispy waffles, caramel and crunchy cereals combine to create a unique taste experience and are enveloped in crunchy milk chocolate. With "Nestlé Lion" you...
Content 0.15 Kilogram ($29.93 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.49 *
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