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The Pfanni GmbH & Co. OHG is a German food manufacturer based in Stavenhagen, which specializes in the manufacturing of kitchen ready potato products. It is a subsidiary of the Unilever Germany Group since 1993.

The company was founded on September 2, 1949 by Werner Eckart in Munich. Whose father, John Eckart, had been producing preserves since 1868.


In the year 1964, Pfanni had a turnover of more that DM50 million, which by 1965 increased to DM80 million. Pfanni employed by that time 1,300 workers and processed 150,000 tonnes of potatoes each year.

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Pfanni Mashed Potatoes The Pure
Pfanni Mashed Potatoes - The Pure 120g
Only potatoes from sustainable cultivation are used for the "Pfanni Mashed Potatoes - The Pure". This puree contains only pure potato flakes, rounded off with a hint of turmeric. The product is ready in 10 minutes and a delicious side...
Content 120 gram ($23.25 * / 1000 gram)
$2.79 *
Pfanni Mashed Potatoes The Complete
Pfanni Mashed Potatoes - The Complete 94.5g
Even when things need to go fast, the taste must not be left out. Therefore, the fine Pfanni potato puree is also available as a complete puree. Simply tear open the bag and stir in the fine potato flakes in hot water. The milk is...
Content 94.5 gram ($29.52 * / 1000 gram)
$2.79 *
Pfanni Gnocchi
Pfanni Gnocchi - Italian Potato Dumplings 500g
Mamma mia! With this taste even Italian star chefs pale with envy. Enjoy fine Italian potato dumplings according to PFANNI type - simply cooked in the pot or pan. E.g. with onions, bacon or delicious mushrooms. This is la dolce vita!...
Content 500 gram ($8.58 * / 1000 gram)
$4.29 *
Pfanni Mini Dumplings
Pfanni Mini Dumplings - Mini Knödel Semmel 330g
Unbelievable, but true: With just 5 minutes cooking time, "Pfanni Mini Dumplings" are currently holding the dumpling cooking record. That would have been worth an entry in the record cookbook. With its unmistakable touch, ingredients...
Content 330 gram ($12.09 * / 1000 gram)
$3.99 *
Pfanni Mini Potato Dumplings
Pfanni Mini Potato Dumplings - Mini Knödel...
What will become of a small potato? A mini potato dumpling! And what should you know about this little mini? The mini-potato dumpling is a real treat for young and old with its selected ingredients, the great taste, its many variations...
Content 400 gram ($9.98 * / 1000 gram)
$3.99 *
Pfanni Mini Dumplings with Mushrooms
Pfanni Mini Dumplings - Filled with Mushrooms 320g
Pasta, rice and potatoes will not make your heart beat faster? Pfanni has something new, exciting: Mini dumplings, hearty-delicious filled with mushrooms! The filled treats captivate every dumpling enthusiast heart in the storm -...
Content 320 gram ($12.47 * / 1000 gram)
$3.99 *
Pfanni Dough for Potato Pancakes
Pfanni Kartoffel Puffer - Dough for Potato...
Pamper your loved ones with a genuine PFANNI specialty: fresh potato pancakes. Stirred in 10 minutes and then fried golden brown directly from the pan on the table. Refine the crispy buffers with delicious apple sauce, fruit compote or...
Content 200 gram ($18.45 * / 1000 gram)
$3.69 *
Pfanni Farmers Breakfast
Pfanni Farmers Breakfast - Bauern Frühstück 400g
Potatoes for breakfast? This can be really delicious. With the "PFANNI Farmers Breakfast". Hearty, blanched potatoes with egg, spicy flavored and rounded with smoked bacon. Preparation: Simply fry in the pan crispy brown over medium heat...
Content 400 gram ($10.73 * / 1000 gram)
$4.29 *
Pfanni Bratkartoffeln
Pfanni Hearty Fried Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln 400g
Do you hear it? The seductive simmering of crispy potato slices? And then this scent! An experience for all senses. And easily self-made: simply unpack the bag, distribute the fresh potato slices evenly in the pan and slowly fry...
Content 400 gram ($10.73 * / 1000 gram)
$4.29 *
Pfanni Rösti
Pfanni Rösti - Swiss Style Potatoes 400g
Even if the Swiss invented it - we do not want to deprive you of this specialty. Blanched PFANNI potatoes, coarsely grated and seasoned with a refined spicy spice mixture. And we can assure you that when the gold-brown taler sizzles in...
Content 400 gram ($10.73 * / 1000 gram)
$4.29 *
Pfanni Kartoffel Gratin
Pfanni Potato Gratin - Kartoffel Gratin 400g
Whether as an accompaniment or main dish - the "PFANNI Potato Gratin" is an absolute specialty. Juicy potato slices in a creamy Béchamelsauce, refined with delicate melting cheese. Try it: Simply put the gratin from the fresh pack into a...
Content 400 gram ($10.73 * / 1000 gram)
$4.29 *
Pfanni Mini Dumplings Filled with Cheese and Bacon
Pfanni Mini Dumplings - Filled with Cheese and...
One of the most popular combinations for hearty fillings? Cheese and bacon! And exactly this spicy mixture of aromatic cheese and hearty bacon is therefore also found in the new Pfanni mini dumplings stuffed with cheese and bacon. Of...
Content 320 gram ($12.47 * / 1000 gram)
$3.99 *
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