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4 Months

4 months ago, we started to operate this shop. Since then a lot has changed. fronted the design has changed several times, but now is almost finished. 
Many parcels were packed and sent to the whole world. A Facebook and Twitter account were created, etc.

Meanwhile we have almost 1000 products online! And 3000 more are coming. Here in Germany there is a huge selection of delicious chocolate and sweets general. If you are looking for a specific product that is not in the shop write us and we will organize it.

The newest products are the delicious "Soft Cakes" by Griesson and the famous "Prinzen Rolle" by De Beukelear 

Griesson & DeBeukelaer

and the irresistible gummi candys by Trolli


Try them, and you will never stop love them



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