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Beauty Sweeties Sour Cats
Beauty Sweeties Sour Cats - Vegan Sour Fruit...
Nobody needs to pull out their claws here, because the "Beauty Sweeties - Sour Cats" are vegan sour fruit gums and an ideal vegan alternative to conventional fruit gums and do without gelatin. And without preservatives. And without...
Content 125 gram ($34.32 * / 1000 gram)
$4.29 *
Marabou Oreo Bites
Marabou Oreo Bites - Filled Mini Chocolates 140g
With "Marabou Oreo Bites", finest Swedish milk chocolate meets a delicate vanilla cream filling with crispy cocoa biscuit. Small and sweet, the bites offer a particularly successful taste combination and are the perfect companion for on...
Content 140 gram ($42.07 * / 1000 gram)
$5.89 *
Ruf Polak Mändelchen
Ruf Polak Mändelchen - Almond Pudding Mix 50g
For all those who love pudding: this classic is simply a timeless pleasure and lets some indulge in childhood memories. The creamy semolina pudding is refined with fine almond pieces and tastes delicious. "Ruf Polak Mändelchen" is easily...
Content 50 gram ($49.80 * / 1000 gram)
$2.49 *
Mellow Mellow Marshmallow Hearts
Mellow Mellow - Marshmallow Hearts 125g
A heart for Marshmallows. With the "Mellow Mellow - Marshmallow Hearts" you just melt away. The white and pink hearts seduce with a delicious vanilla note on the inside and a fruity strawberry taste from the outside and are super soft in...
Content 125 gram ($33.52 * / 1000 gram)
$4.19 *
Red Band School Chalk
Red Band Schulkreide - School Chalk Licorice...
The crisp white shell surrounds the delicate licorice filling that slowly melts on the tongue. So every bite of the small pieces of chalk is more than just a snack in between and not just a must for licorice lovers! Perfect for...
Content 175 gram ($18.23 * / 1000 gram)
$3.19 *
Jahnke Berry Candy Mix
Jahnke Berry Candy Mix 135g
"Jahnke Berry Candy Mix" is a candy mix of raspberry, forest fruit and black currant flavor in a beautiful metal tin. Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 135g (4.8oz) Shipping Wt. 180g
Content 135 gram ($33.26 * / 1000 gram)
$4.49 *
Jahnke Herb Candy Mix
Jahnke Herb Candy Mix 135g
"Jahnke Herb Candy Mix" is a soothing mix of herbal, anise and sage candies in a beautiful metal tin. Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 135g (4.8oz) Shipping Wt. 180g
Content 135 gram ($33.26 * / 1000 gram)
$4.49 *
Sadex Brause Pops
Sadex Brause Pops - Sherbet Filled Wafer Discs 45g
The colorful "Sadex Brause Pops - Sherbet Filled Wafer Discs" are a tingling snack, because the sweet ufos made from delicious wafers contain a fruity and sour sherbet powder filling. Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 45g (1.59oz) Shipping Wt....
Content 45 gram ($73.11 * / 1000 gram)
$3.29 *
Ruf Organic Baking Powder
Ruf BIO Weinstein Backpulver - Organic Baking...
The "Ruf Organic Weinstein Baking Powder" is a loyal helper for all types of pastries. Without any phosphate and with organic corn starch, it is a real alternative to conventional baking powder. So you get excellent baking results - in a...
Content 60 gram ($46.50 * / 1000 gram)
$2.79 *
Wetzel Chocolate Oblaten
Wetzel - Chocolate Oblaten 40g
"Wetzel - Chocolate Oblaten" are two wafer-thin waffles with the unmistakable embossed motif. They are combined with a crunchy dark chocolate filling (65%). Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 40g (1.41oz) Shipping Wt. 70g Attention: Heat sensitiv.
Content 40 gram ($119.75 * / 1000 gram)
$4.79 *
Schogetten Skyr
Schogetten Taste Of The Year - Skyr 100g
The combination of delicious fine milk chocolate with a fine Skyr taste is not only a real treat for Schogetten lovers, but also for fans of Icelandic delicacies. Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 100g (3.5oz) Shipping Wt. 120g Attention: Heat...
Content 100 gram ($21.90 * / 1000 gram)
$2.19 *
Savitor Kuhbonbon Caramel Vegan
Kuhbonbon Caramel - Soft Caramel Vegan 165g
"Kuhbonbon Caramel - Soft Caramel" with organic coconut milk consist of purely vegetable ingredients for conscious enjoyment and not only taste good for vegans. The delicious creamy-sweet candy are extra soft and convince with their...
Content 165 gram ($32.06 * / 1000 gram)
$5.29 *
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