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Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG is a confectionery company based in Emmerich am Rhein, which mainly produces liquorice and fruit gums. Katjes is the third largest producer in the German sugar market behind Haribo and Storck.

It all began with a little cat and a liquorice recipe brought along by Xaver Fassin from Sicily. It formed the basis for establishing the strong Katjes-family and creating unique products. Alongside of their products, their corporate success is also based on a very special recipe: family, naturalness, environment and quality!

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Katjes Sheroes Mix
Katjes Sheroes Mix - Fruit Gums, Licorice &...
Scientist, astronaut or firefighter: women can do everything. The new vegan "Katjes Sheroes Mix" made of fruit gum, marshmallow and liquorice combines the flavors cherry, strawberry, peach, raspberry, apple and blueberry. This homage to...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.63 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.56 *
Katjes Lucky Moments
Katjes Gluecksgefuehle - Lucky Moments Licorice...
Lucky you! Have you ever found a shamrock, a horse shoe, a lucky butterfly and a ladybug all in one day? No? Tatatataaaa – today is your lucky day! Just for you we designed this unique combination of lucky charms. Do you prefer fruity,...
Content 0.175 Kilogram
$2.49 *
Katjes Wonderland Party Edition
Katjes Wonderland Party Edition - Vegan Fruit...
Whoop Whoop Party like a Unicorn! At the party of the well-known wonderland unicorn, a fruity, colorful mess is raging. The taste of strawberry, apple, cola, cherry, lime and peach is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Simply...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.23 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Katjes Easy Life Sour
Katjes Easy Life Sour- Vegan Sour Fruit Gum 160g
For a better mood in life. "Katjes Easy Life Sour" offers a delicious fruity taste of peach, pineapple, apple, orange, cherry and strawberry with less sugar and and now completely vegan! Suitable for vegan nutrition. Store cool and dry....
Content 0.16 Kilogram ($15.56 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Katjes Family Winegums
Katjes Family Winegums - Vegan Fruit Gums (250g)
The new "Katjes Family Winegums" are English-style fruit gums, made in Germany. The vegan wine gums impress with their texture, shape and the flavors currant, pear, apple, raspberry, lemon and orange. Suitable for vegan nutrition. Store...
Content 0.25 Kilogram ($11.96 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.99 *
Katjes Peace & Love
Katjes Peace & Love - Vegan Fruit Gums (175g)
Positive vibes in a cool batik look and a easygoing hippie dude as a hero character. This is the new "Katjes Peace & Love". The individual, different-colored fruit gum forms such as the hippie, a Bulli or the peace sign also offer a...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.23 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Katjes Tropical Fruits
Katjes Tropenfrüchte - Tropical Fruit Gums (175g)
For the Tropen-Früchte, Katjes went on a long journey – at least in terms of flavour. That’s why these "Katjes Tropical Fruit Gums" taste like sun-kissed exotic delights such as passion fruit, mango and kiwi. The Katjes Tropical Fruit...
Content 0.175 Kilogram
$2.49 *
Katjes Party Fred
Katjes Party Fred - Vegetarian Foam Sugar...
A fruity, colorful mess is raging at Fred's party. The taste of raspberry, apple, peach, grape, plum and strawberry dances pogo on your tongue. Each piglet picks up four different flavors and starts celebrating! Simply delicious and...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.23 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Katjes Chocjes Sea Caramel
Katjes Chocjes - Sea Caramel Vegan Chocolate...
A clash of sweet & salty, delicious melty chocolate and consciously enjoy the whole thing? This is possible with the vegan chocolate "Katjes Chocjes - Sea Caramel". Cool, without cow! Suitable for vegan nutrition. Store cool and dry....
Content 0.05 Kilogram ($69.80 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.49 *
Katjes Licorice Cat Paws
Katjes Katzen Pfoetchen - Licorice Cat Paws (175g)
The year 1960 marked the first time Katjes cooked up the soft and spicy "Katzen Pfoetchen" for you. It was no easy feat to create the perfect recipe for the cat’s paws, so they are overjoyed to have found what they think is the best...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.23 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Katjes Salty Herrings
Katjes Salzige Heringe - Salty Herrings...
"Katjes Salty Herrings" are a huge catch. Combining freshly caught liquorice with a nice helping of salmiak salt, we have reeled in these yummy salted herrings. You want to know how they taste? Then cast out your nets and give them a...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.23 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Katjes Fred Ferkel
Katjes Fred Ferkel - Vegan Fruit Gum Pigs (175g)
Aww, how cute! A little pink piggy! We hear that all the time when someone sees the "Katjes Fred Ferkel". And it’s really true: Everybody loves this cute pig, especially his fruity ears, which come in strawberry, cherry and raspberry...
Content 0.175 Kilogram ($14.23 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
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