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Loacker is an Italian company based in South Tyrol, producing wafers, chocolate and derivative products. It was founded in 1926 as a family company by Alfons Loacker.

Loacker has production facilities in Bolzano, Ritten and Heinfels (Austria). It is known for its confections, particularly for its Quadratini, thin cubes composed of wafers layered with sheets of creme. Its products are sold around the globe.

Loacker also distributes Twinings products in Italy.

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Loacker Classic Cocoa & Milk
Loacker Classic Cocoa & Milk - Crispy Cocoa...
Strong & tender: "Loacker Classic Cocoa & Milk" is the original combination of cocoa waffles & milk cream. When opposites unite, a completely new combination of flavors emerges. The contrast between three crispy, dark cocoa wafers and...
Content 0.135 Kilogram ($27.33 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.69 *
Loacker Classic Vanilla
Loacker Classic Vanilla - Cream Filled Wafers 135g
The "Loacker Classic Vanilla" is a exquisite wafer creation with real Bourbon vanilla. Three light, crispy wafers and two layers of the smoothest cream filling with real Bourbon vanilla will guarantee truly exquisite moments of pleasure....
Content 0.135 Kilogram ($27.33 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.69 *
Loacker Napolitaner Classic
Loacker Napolitaner Classic - Crispy Hazelnut...
Three light, crispy wafers and two layers of the smoothest Napolitaner cream filling with exquisite Italian hazelnuts make th the "Loacker Napolitaner Classic" the absolute best-seller. Store cool and dry. Net.Wt. 135g (4.76oz) Shipping...
Content 0.135 Kilogram ($27.33 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.69 *
Loacker Classic Double Choc
Loacker Double Choc - Crispy Cocoa Wafers 135g
The "Loacker Classic Double Choc" are a crispy treat with double the amount of goodness! Three crispy cocoa wafers enclose two layers of cream filling made with chocolate refined with fine flavor cocoa from Ecuador. Store cool and dry....
Content 0.135 Kilogram ($27.33 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.69 *