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Messmer, a former independent Tee trading company today is a brand of the East Frisian tea company Laurens Spethmann. The origins of the company are a deli-and grocery store, which was founded on 21 September 1852 by Eduard Messmer (1824-1910) in Baden-Baden. Messmer quickly became the purveyors of Wilhelm of Prussia and his wife Augusta, they staying many years at the hotel of his father Johann Friedrich Baptist Messmer, the hotel Messmer. 1886 could Messmer open a branch in Frankfurt am Main, which was headed by his son Otto Messmer (1858-1940). Otto Messmer could be 1895 protect Messmer tea brand.

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Messmer Light Magic
Messmer Lichtermagie - Light Magic Fruit Tea 20...
Do you love the taste of baked apples? Then let yourself be enchanted by the spicy winter tea "Messmer Lichtermagie - Light Magic". The Messmer tea masters have refined the fruity taste of baked apples with a wintry, spicy pinch of...
Content 50 Gram ($103.80 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Himmelszauber
Messmer Fruit Tea - Himmelszauber 20 Tea Bags
On cold winter evenings, would you like to make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace with a cup of winter tea? Then "Messmer Fruit Tea - Himmelszauber" with a note of punch guaranteed to your taste. Because in this tea, the...
Content 55 Gram ($94.36 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Apple Strudel
Messmer Fruit Tea - Apple Strudel 18 Tea Bags
Does your heart get up at the thought of warm apple strudel? Meßmer quenches the desire for cake - without baking and no matter what time of day. The Messmer Tea masters have managed to capture the irresistible taste of sweet-sour apple...
Content 40.5 Gram ($128.15 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Cinnamon Bun
Messmer Fruit Tea - Cinnamon Bun 18 Tea Bags
Meßmer quenches the craving for cake. Without baking and no matter what daytime is. The Messmer Tea Masters have succeeded in capturing the unforgettable taste of freshly-baked cinnamon buns in a tempting tea. Sweet happiness feelings...
Content 45 Gram ($115.33 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Country Tea Indian Sweet Chai
Messmer Country Tea - Indian Sweet Chai 20 Tea...
In the Orient, they know how to combine exquisite spices and herbs to fragrant Chai. And according to this model, the Messmer tea master have best herbs with oriental spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger finished. For...
Content 37.5 Gram ($138.40 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Rooibos
Messmer Rooibos Tea - Rooibos 20 Tea Bags
Rooibos is considered the national drink of South Africa and is mainly because of its mildly spicy taste a popular type of tea that can be drunk at any time of the day. It is naturally caffeine free. For "Messmer Rooibos Tea", the...
Content 40 Gram ($124.75 * / 1000 Gram)
$4.99 *
Messmer Green Tea with Matcha
Messmer - Green Tea with Matcha 20 Tea Bags
As soothing and regenerating as it is stimulating: The combination of Japanese matcha and green tea creates the unique taste of this "Messmer - Green Tea with Matcha" composition. Preparation: Take for a cup 1 tea bag or at least 4 tea...
Content 30 Gram ($166.33 * / 1000 Gram)
$4.99 *
Messmer Dreamcatcher
Messmer Herbal Tea Traumfänger - Dreamcatcher...
Sweet Dreams. With the new "Messmer Herbal Tea Traumfänger - Dreamcatcher" you are guaranteed to sleep well. The carefully composed recipe of lavender flowers and passion flower herb has an extremely calming effect on body and mind and,...
Content 40 Gram ($129.75 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Siena Tuscan Peach
Messmer Country Tea - Siena Tuscan Peach 20 Tea...
Picturesque landscapes, rolling hills with deep green cypress trees and historic villages - Tuscany impresses with its untouched beauty. Inspired by this, the Messmer tea masters compose a fruit tea with the full-bodied sweetness of...
Content 50 Gram ($103.80 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Hyggelig Nordic Berries
Messmer Country Tea - Hyggelig Nordic Berries...
Hyggelig means something like "cozy" or "homey" and stands for a Scandinavian lifestyle. This refers to the little moments of happiness - whether valuable time with your favourite people, a warming sunbeam on the face or a leisurely...
Content 50 Gram ($103.80 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
Messmer Finest Berry Selection loose
Messmer Fruit Tea - Finest Berry Selection...
This full-bodied balanced fruit tea guarantees a very intense and fruity taste experience. It is the exquisite selection of sun-ripened fruits and the fine taste of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants, which give our...
Content 150 Gram ($53.27 * / 1000 Gram)
$7.99 *
Messmer Amore Italian Amarettini
Messmer Country Tea - Amore Italian Amarettini...
Whether in the traditional trattoria with a view of the Coliseum or in a romantic sidewalk café next to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, the little Amarettini are simply a must for any hot drink. Inspired by this, the Meßmer tea experts...
Content 40 Gram ($129.75 * / 1000 Gram)
$5.19 *
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