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Dr. Oetker – a family business with tradition.

Founded in Bielefeld in 1891, the Dr. Oetker family business ranks among the leading branded goods companies in the German food industry. The Dr. Oetker brand is known to virtually every consumer. In numerous ranges encompassing, among other things, baking goods, baking mixes, dessert powders, ready desserts, muesli products, frozen pizzas and snacks, Dr. Oetker is represented by some 400 different products in Germany. It is market leader in almost all its product lines.

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Dr.Oetker Gelatin
Dr.Oetker Gelatine - Gelatin 3 Pack
"Dr. Oetker Gelatine" is used to strengthen cream cakes, creams, jellies and jellies, for example. Preparation: Either mix the gelatine with 6 tablespoons of cold liquid, allow to swell, then heat until completely dissolved and, after...
Content 0.027 Kilogram ($95.93 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.59 *
Dr.Oetker Tiramisu Creme
Dr.Oetker - Tiramisu Creme 70g
The Italian dessert specialty as a delicious cream: "Dr.Oetker Tiramisu Creme" A creamy treat, spoon by spoon: As a refreshing dessert, whether half-frozen or chilled, the cream provides moments of indulgence. Prepared simply and...
Content 0.07 Kilogram ($42.71 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.99 *
Dr.Oetker Baking Cocoa
Dr.Oetker Kakao - Baking Cocoa 100g
"Dr.Oetker Kakao - Baking Cocoa" is very suitable for your baking recipes. The full-bodied aroma and the reddish dark color guarantee an excellent baking result. Also ideal for preparing delicious desserts and drinking chocolate. Store...
Content 0.1 Kilogram ($39.90 * / 1 Kilogram)
$3.99 *
Dr:Oetker Colored Sugar Sprinkles
Dr.Oetker Zuckerstreusel - Colored Sugar...
"Dr.Oetker Zuckerstreusel - Colored Sugar Sprinkles" are a classic among the sprinkle decorations. The various colorful sugar sprinkles not only decorate pastries, cakes and tarts. With the resealable bottle, dosing is particularly easy,...
Content 0.13 Kilogram ($34.54 * / 1 Kilogram)
$4.49 *
Dr.Oetker Cheese Cake Aid
Dr.Oetker Käsekuchen Hilfe - Cheese Cake Aid 58g
Dr.Oetker Käsekuchen Hilfe - Cheese Cake Aid Store dry and at room temperatur. Net.Wt. 58g (2.05oz) Shippingt Wt. 80g Attention: The receipe on the package is in German language only!
Content 0.058 Kilogram ($44.66 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.59 *
Dr.Oetker Gala Chocolate Alond Pudding Mix
Dr.Oetker Gala - Chocolate Almond Pudding Mix 2...
The "Dr.Oetker Gala - Chocolate Almond Pudding Mix" convinces with its special chocolate taste and its delicate almond pieces. Selected ingredients guarantee the particularly good taste. Preparation: 1. Mix the pudding powder with 2-3...
Content 0.11 Kilogram ($26.27 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.89 *
Dr.Oetker Red Fruit Jelly
Dr.Oetker Rote Gruetze - Red Fruit Jelly...
"Dr.Oetker Rote Gruetze - Red Fruit Jelly Raspberry" is boiled with water and sugar. Refined with many fruits and a served with a delicious Dr. Oetker vanilla dessert sauce it is a welcome addition to any buffet. Preparation: 1. Mix the...
Content 0.12 Kilogram ($23.25 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.79 *
Dr.Oetker Bundt Cake
Dr.Oetker Gugelhupf - Bundt Cake Mix
The "Dr.Oetker Gugelhupf - Bundt Cake Mix" is a classic among the cake mixes: its juicy, loose batter, delicately flavored with vanilla, dusted with powdered sugar, makes the Gugelhupf distinctive. You also need: a bundt cake mold: Ø 22...
Content 0.46 Kilogram ($15.20 * / 1 Kilogram)
$6.99 *
Dr.Oetker Red Cake Glaze Strawberry Flavor
Dr.Oetker Tortenguss - Red Cake Glaze...
"Dr.Oetker Red Cake Glaze With Strawberry Flavor (unsweetened)" is perfect for strawberry cakes. With this gelatin glaze, the strawberries on your cake are more than brilliant! Because the delicious strawberry taste underlines the...
Content 0.375 Kilogram ($6.64 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Dr.Oetker Clear Cake Glaze
Dr.Oetker Tortenguss - Clear Cake Glaze...
By adding fruit juice or water, "Dr.Oetker Clear Cake Glaze" creates a glaze for all fruit tarts. With "Dr.Oetker Clear Cake Glaze" all fruits make a brilliant impression. It is easy to prepare, reliable and cut-proof. This offer...
Content 0.036 Kilogram ($69.17 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.49 *
Dr.Oetker Mousse à la Vanilla Bourbon-Vanilla
Dr.Oetker Mousse a la Vanilla - Bourbon Vanilla...
For particularly beautiful moments: Enjoy "Dr.Oetker Mousse a la Vanilla - Bourbon Vanilla" with the extraordinarily delicate taste. Preparation for 250 ml milk (4 servings): 1. Rinse out a mixing bowl with hot water. Pour cold milk into...
Content 0.06 Kilogram ($49.83 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.99 *
Dr.Oetker Mousse au Chocolat Classic
Dr.Oetker Mousse au Chocolat - Classic (92g)
"Dr.Oetker Mousse au Chocolat - Classic" is a airy, loose chocolate dessert with an intense chocolate taste and small chocolate pieces. Preparation for 250 ml milk (4 servings): 1. Rinse out a mixing bowl with hot water. Pour cold milk...
Content 0.092 Kilogram ($32.50 * / 1 Kilogram)
$2.99 *
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